“Whether you choose magic or madness, you can’t save the world from itself.”
  Auntie Mitra


   The Ancients have turned their backs on a corrupt and unjust society, leaving chaos, death and ruin in their wake. A new magic, one born of nature to balance the chaos, rises to replace the old, while the old will stop at nothing in its dark pursuit of power without cost.
Raised deep in the Farwood in a caring, yet enigmatic home, Liah is outcast in her own village after being rejected by the legendary bards. Tired of bullies and baseless accusations, she is ultimately accepted as a ranger’s apprentice and travels with her family through the Farwood to the Hall of the Ancients, where she begins her training and searches for answers to the mysterious rejection that damned her in the eyes of her realm and its gods. Here, at the academy’s Hall, she struggles to find her way in the great city of Geth’ana before the combination of secrets, magic and the chaos swirling around her can destroy everyone, and everything, she holds dear.



D. Rencraft